The 21st Century Political Science Association
  The Korea Economic History Society
  Tourism Management Research Organization
  The International Association of Comparative Korean Studies
  DAEHAN Association of Business Administration, Korea
  Korea Academic Society of Tourism Management
  The Korean Geographical Society
  The Asoociation of North-east Asian Cultures
  Institute of North Korean Studies
  Asian Comparative Folklore Society
  Seoul Association for Public Administration
  The Anam Society for the Study of Education
  The Korean Historical Association
  Korea Association for Telecommunications Policies
  Central Asian Association for Korean Studies
  Korean Academy of Family Social Work
  The Korean Family Studies Association
  Korean Health Psychological Association
  The Korea Economics and Business Association
  Korean Operations Research and Management Society
  Korea Association of Business Education
  The Korean Academy of Business Historians
  Korea Society of Management Information Systems
  Korean Academic Society of Business Administration
  Korean Development Economics Association
  Association of Korean Economic Studies
  The Economic Geographical Society of Korea
  The Korea Economics and Business Association
  The Korean Economic Association
  Korea Association of Police Science
  The Korean Econometric Society
  Korean Society of Public Enterprise
  Korean Association of Public Safety and Criminal Justice
  The Tourism Sciences Society of Korea
  Korea Advertising Society
  Korean Association for Advertising and Public Relations
  The Korean Society for the study of Sociology of Education
  The Korean Society for the Study of Educational Psychology
  The Korean Society for the Study of Anthropology of Education
  The Korean Society for the Economics and Finance of Education
  Korean Society for Educational Evaluation
  The Korean Society for the Study of Education
  The Korean Society for the Study of Educational Administration
  Korean Society for Correction Service
  Korean Academy of International Business Management
  Korean Academy of International Business
  The Korea International Economic Association
  Korean Academy of International Commerce, Inc
  The Korean Association of International Studies
  The Korean Association of Trade and Industry Studies
  Korea Association of Military Studies
  Korean Society of Regulation Studies
  Korea Money and Finance Association
  Korean Corporation Management Association
  The Korean Gerontological Society
  The Korean Labor Economic Association
  Korean Social of Welfare for the Aged
  The Korean Agricultural Economics Association
  Korea Urban Management Association
  Korean Association of Southeast Asian Studies
  The Northeast Asia Economic Association of Korea
  Latin American Studies Association of Korea
  Korea Logistics Academy
  The Korea Academy of Leadership
  Korea Risk Management Society
  Korean Academy of Marketing Science
  Korea Marketing Management Association
  Korean Marketing Association
  Korea Trade Research Association
  Korean Society for Library and Information Science
  Korea Association for Cultural Economics
  Korean Academic Society of Culture and Tourism
  The Korean Society for Cultural Anthropology
  Korea Logistics Research Association Inc
  The Korean Folklore Society
  The Association for the Historical Studies on Korean National
  Korean Association for Broadcasting & Telecommunication
  Korean Law and Economics Association
  Korean Law Association
  Korean Insurance Academic Society
  Korea Real Estate Analysts Association
   Korea Real Estate Academy
  The Korean Association for Corruption Studies
  Korea Association of Comparative Criminal Law
  The Korean Association of Secretarial Studies
  Korean Association of Nonprofit Ogrganization research
  Korea Social Economic Studies Association
  Korean Association of Psychological and Social Issues
  Korean Social and Personality Psychologicla Association
  Korean Social Security Association
  Korea Association for Social Welfare Studies
  Korean Academy of Social Welfare
  Korean Social History Association
  Korean Society of Sport and Leisure Studies
  Korean Sociological Association
  Korean Association of Industrial Business Administration
  Korean Industrial Economic Association
  Korean Association of Labor Studies
  Korean Society for Industrial and Organizational psychology
  The Korean Association for Industrial Society
  The Korean Academic Society of Industrial Organization
  The Korea Counseling Association
  Korea Productivity Association
  The Korean Association of Area Studies
  Korean Academic Society of Taxation, Inc
  Korea Association of Tax & Accounting
  Korea Consumption Culture Association
  Korea Society for Consumer and advertising Phychology
  Korea Society of Consumer Studies
  The Academy for Export Credit Insurance
  Korean Society for the Sociology of Sport
  Korean Society for Sport Management
  Korean Society of Sport Psychology
  Korean Society for Experimental Psychology
  Korean Psychological Association
  The Korean Society of Child Welfare
  Korean Association of Child Studies
  The Korean Association of Asian Studies
  Korean Association for Communication and Information Studies
  Korean Society for Journalism and Communication Studies
  The Korean Women Economist Association
  Korean Association of Women's Studies
  The Society for korean Historical-Folklife Studies
  The Organization of Korean Historians
  The Korean Society of Contemporary European Studies
  Korea Logistics Research Association Inc
  korea Distribution Association
  The Korean Ethics Studies Association
  Korean Association of Applied Economics
  The Korean Association of Human Development
  The Population Association of Korea
  The Korean Association of Humanities and the Social Sciences
  The Korean Association of Personnel Administraton
  Korean Academy of Management
  Korean Association of Human Resource Development
  Korean Academy of Human Resource Management
  The Korean Association of Clinical Psychology
  The Korean Association for Local Government & Administration
  Korean Financial Management Association
  Korean Finance Association
  The Korean Association of Public Finance
  Korea E-Commerce Research Academy
  Korean Society for Information Management
  The Korean Association for Information Society
  The Korea Association of Information Systems
  Korea Association for Governmental Studies
  The Korean Association for Policy Science
  The Korea Association for Policy Analysis and Evaluation
  The Korean Association for Policy Studies
  The Community for the Korean Political Studies
  The Korean Political Science Association
  Korean Association for the History of Religions
  Korean Association for Housing Policy Studies
  The Korean Association of Small Business Studies
  The Korean Association of Arbitration Studies
  Korean Securities Association
  The Korean Association for Local Government Studies
  The Korean Association for Local Finance
  The Korean Association for Local Government Studies
  The Korean Regional Development Association
  Korean Regional Science Association
  Korea Youth Research Association
  The Korean Publishing Science Society
  Korea Communication Association
  The Korea Association for Public Administration
  The Korean Criminal Law Association
  The Korean Association of Criminology
  Korean Academic Society of Hospitality Administration
  Korean Academic Society for Public Relations
  Korea Environmental Economics Association
  Korea Environmental Policy and Administration Society
  Korean Accounting Association
  The European Union Studies Association of Korea
  Korean-German Academy of Economics and Management
  The Korean-German Society for the Educational Studies
  The Korean-German Society for Social Sciences
  The Korean-Japanese Economics & Management Association
  The Korean-Japan Historical Society
  The Association of Korean-Japanese National Studies