Research centers
  LG Economic Research Institute
  Gyeonggido Family & Women Development Institute
  The Research Institute Social Science, Keimyung University
  Institute of Social Research, Korea University
  Center for International Studies
  Korea Research Institute fof Human Settlements
  Daewoo Economic Research Institute
  Korea Insurance Development Institute
  Institute of Communication Research
  Korea Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade
  Institute of Economics Research Seoul National University
  Institute of Psychology, Seoul National University
  Seoul Institute of Economic and Social Studies
  Institute for Global Economics
  Research Institute of Asian Women
  The Center for Womens culture & Theory
  Institute of Development and Sociology Yonsei University
  Center for Democracy Human Rights Peace
  Korea Information Society Development Institute
  Korea Small Business Institute
  Chungnam Development Institute
  The Korea Institute for National Unification
  The Gangwon Development Research Institute
  Gyeongnam Development Institute
  Labor Education and Research Institute, Korea University
  The Science and Technology Policy Institute
  Institute for International & Area Studies
  Daegu-Gyeongbuk Development Institute
  Northeast Asian Peace Movement
  Center for future Human Resource Studies
  Institute of Economics and Management Research Busan
    National University
  Busan Development Institute
  The Institute for Industrial Policy Studies
  The Center of Social Sciences in Seoul Nation University
  Institute Korea Politics in Seoul Nation University
  Seoul Development Institute
  The Sejong Institute
  The Institute for Korean Historical Studies
  Ewha Womans University Research Institute For Social
  The Social Sciences Research Institute, Chonnam National
  Jeju Development Institute
  Chungbuk Research Institute
  The Institute for Peace Affairs
  Gyeonggi Research Institute
  National Research Council for Economics, Humanities and
    Social Science
  Institute of Governmental Studies
  Jeonnam Research Institute
  Institute of Global and Area Studies
  The Korea Institute for International Economic Policy
  East Asia Institute
  Korea Institute for Future Strategies
  department pf Sociology, Busan National University
  Institute of North Korean Studies
  Occupational Safety and Health Research Institute
  Samsung Economic Research Institute
  The Institute for Social Development Policy Research
  Survey Research Center in Sungkyunkwan University
  New Asia Research Institute
  Korea Energy Economics Institute
  Institute of Historical Studies
  Incheon Development Institute
  The Social Sciences Research Institute, Chonbuk National
  Research Institute of the East-West Economy & Society
  Institute of Social Science Chungnam National University
  Chungnam Women's Policy Development Institute
  Posco Research Institute
  The Hankyoreh Foundation for Reunification and Culture
  Construction & Economy Research Institute of Korea
  Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
  The Korea Transport Institute
  Korea Labour & Society Institute
  Korea Rural Economic Institute
  Korea Laws Reform Institute
  Korea Social Research Center
  Korea Local Government Development Institute
  The Korea Institute for Religion and Culture
  Korea Research Institute for Local Administration
  Korean Institute for Research in the Behavioral Sciences
  Korea Environment Institute
  Korea Economic Research Institute
  Korean Educational Development Institute
  Korea Institute for Defense Analyses
  Korea Labor Institute
  Korea Culture & Tourism Institute
  The Korea Legislation Research Institute
  Korean Women's Development Institute
  Korea Research Institute for Strategy
  Korea Securities Research Institute
  The Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and
  The Academy of Korean Studies
  The Korea Institute of Public Administration
  Institute of Population and Aging Research
  Korea Development Institute
  Korea Institute for Public Autonomy
  Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation
  Korea Institute of Finance
  The Korea Institute for Hearth and social Affairs
  Korea Institute for Women & Politics
  Korea Institute of Public Finance
  Korea Local Autonomy Development Institute
  National Youth Policy Institute
  Korea Maritime Institute
  The Korean Institute of Criminology
  Center for Local Autonomy
  Hyundai Research Institute