KOSSDA membership is available to both individuals and institutions. Individual members include students, scholars, and researchers, and institution members include university or college libraries, research institutes, and public or private organizations. Both individual members and persons in member institutions have direct access to all of KOSSDA data and services. For the membership application, please go the Membership.
Available Services by Membership Status
Access to KOSSDA data and services differs between membership user and non-membership user. Non-membership users may access services such as qualitative and quantitative data search, NESSTAR data search, as well as personal email service using MY KOSSDA. Membership users have access to data downloads, online quantitative data analysis using NESSTAR, qualitative data preview, and document delivery service (DDS) in addition to all services available to a non-membership user.
Search & Preview
Search & Browse
Search and browse for data and literatures
Preview service for qualitative data (audio, video, etc.)
Online Data Analysis (NESSTAR)
Search &
Search for data, descriptive statistics, and graphics
Tabulation &
Cross-tabulations, correlation and regression analyses
Data Download
Order and download for quantitative and qualitative data
Document Delivery Service for literatures
SDI Selective Dissemination of Information service
E-mail Service Email of the latest data lists and the KOSSDA newsletter
My Collection Allows users to save search results
My Search Allows users to browse or edit search results
Types of Membership
Individual membership: membership for the individual students, scholars, researchers, and others.
Institutional membership: membership for the university or college libraries, research institutes, and other institutions.
Types of Membership Fees*


Individual    Membership Scholars, researchers, etc. $100
Student fee is available only when the applicants submit documentary evidence showing their student status.
Students $50
Institutional Membership Group A $1,000
Doctorate-granting Universities
Group B $500 Master’s Colleges and Universities
Group C $300 Baccalaureate Colleges
Group D $200 Special Focus Institutions
* Foreign membership fees
Application Procedures for membership
Membership application is a simple online process. The applicants who have accepted the User Agreement can submit the KOSSDA Membership Application Form. KOSSDA reviews the submitted application and offers appropriate annual membership fee. Upon receiving the payment, membership confirmation is sent via electronic mail. Potential users at a member institution have to register online as an individual member providing a proof of institutional affiliation.
Go to the registration or the new users link on KOSSDA website
Accept the
Submit the Membership Application
Payment of
Payment of membership fee
Cable to Korea Social Science Data Archive's bank account:
  1) Please make cheques payable to:
    Korea Social Science Data Archive
    304-28 Sajik-dong, Jongno-gu,
    Seoul, South Korea (Zip code:110-054)

  2) Remit the amount to our bank account:
    33-2 Myeong-dong 2 ga, Jung-gu, Seoul,
    South Korea (Zip code:100-022)
    Account No: 111-04-119450
Inquiries about Membership
All inquiries concerning membership may be directed to:
    User support [E-mail]