For the enhancement of archiving services, KOSSDA conducts research on data processing and dissemination, thesaurus, and database system. KOSSDA’s current undertakings also include the social science database construction for the Korea Research Foundation and research for the publication of 「Korean Social Trends」 for the Korea National Statistics Office. These two projects are greatly contributing to KOSSDA’s data acquisition and database construction.
Social Science Database Construction for Korea Research Foundation
This project has been conducted as a part of the Korean Research Memory project, Korea Research Foundation(KRF)’s digital data archive. KOSSDA is responsible for constructing a digital database for the KRF supported researches in social sciences. The database thus constructed can be joint-serviced with KRF, which greatly contributes to the expansion of the KOSSDA archive.
Research on 「Korean Social Trends」 for National Statistical Office
KOSSDA has developed a framework of 「Korean Social Trends」, a descriptive report corresponding to the Korea National Statistics Office's annual statistical report of 「Korean Social Indicators」 and is in charge of preparing for its first report. This project has been supported by the Statistics Research Institute of the Korea National Statistics Office and undertaken in cooperation with the Institute for Social Development and Policy Research of Seoul National University. Through this project KOSSDA has collected information on quantitative data produced by the Korea National Statistics Office and other government agencies.