KOSSDA accepts deposits of Korean research data and literature. Data deposit should be accompanied by, aside from data files, metadata and related files to provide the user with sufficient information. The categories of data and related information subject to deposit are as follows:
Data Categories Types of Data

Contents of Deposit

Quantitative Data
Survey Data
Data file, metadata, and related files such as survey questionnaires, data collection methods, codebook, and coding guidelines
Statistical Data
Data file, metadata, and related files including data collection methods
Qualitative Data
Data file, metadata, and related files
Field Note
Data file, metadata, and recorded materials( videotape, photograph, etc.)
Interview & Narrative History Data
Data file, metadata, and recorded materials (CD, Cassette tape, etc.)
Literature based on the depositing data
Research monographs based in part or wholly on the deposited data
Other Literature
Research monographs not based on the deposited data
Data Deposit Process
To deposit data at KOSSDA a data submission form should be filled out and submitted by mail along with the data materials. The deposit process can be consulted with the acquisitions personnel. There are two kinds of data deposit forms, one for quantitative and qualitative data and the other for literature. The qualitative or quantitative data form should be filled out per each deposited dataset. In case of literature only one submission form is required regardless of the volumes of literature to be deposited. When depositing qualitative or quantitative data along with literature based on the deposited data, only a submission form for qualitative or quantitative data is required.
Benefits of Data Deposit
There are three major benefits of depositing data at KOSSDA. First of all, by depositing at KOSSDA data can be safely preserved. Second, since users must identify the data creator in their work, it adds recognition to the achievements of the data creator. Third and finally, the depositor, individual or institution, will be given access to all of KOSSDA’s services for a set period of time as a privileged membership user without incurring fees.