KOSSDA provides an integrated database of quantitative and qualitative data and literatures. These data can be searched by data category, subject area, thesaurus, and keywords. In addition, variable search is possible for survey data and a preview function is available for qualitative data.
Integrated Search
The integrated search option allows the user to search parts of, or all three categories of qualitative and quantitative data and literature available in the KOSSDA database system.
Search by Data Category
Search by data category may be done by further selecting a type of data. The quantitative data category is further searchable by the survey and statistical data, while qualitative data may be searched by documents, field notes, and interview and narrative history data. The literature category can be searched by academic journal and research monograph.
Survey Data Variable Search
The variable search enables the search by questionnaire, variable name, as well as variable description of survey data.
Qualitative Data Preview
The qualitative data collection consists not only of textual data but also images, photographs as well as audio and video materials which are difficult to discern without viewing a part of the data. Accordingly, KOSSDA has established a data preview system for qualitative data.