KOSSDA Thesaurus
A thesaurus of terms is a useful tool for the search and retrieval of data. It helps the user to choose the most suitable terms and to use those terms consistently. KOSSDA Thesaurus has been developed specifically for and by KOSSDA incorporating several reliable sources: the Social Sciences Thesaurus of National Assembly Library of Korea, the HASSET(Humanities and Social Science Electronic Thesaurus) of UK Data Archive, and the UNESCO Thesaurus.
The total number of search terms covered in KOSSDA Thesaurus is 17,389, including 2,357 preferred terms(descriptors), 2,364 non-preferred terms, and as many as 25,766 terms of hierarchical(broader terms and narrower terms) and associative relationships(related terms).
Current Development
Among the KOSSDA holdings, thesaurus for quantitative and qualitative datasets has been fully developed while it is under construction for literature holdings. As for literature holdings, thesaurus is being developed mainly focusing on Korea-related research published since 1955. Publications prior to 1955 as well as foreign publications cannot be searched using thesaurus.